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Parker - 404XE Economy Series - Square Rail Guided, Miniature Linear Positioner

The 404XE is an economic alternative to the 404XR for applications requiring medium precision/protection. Offering strokes to 700mm and a load capacity of 1201N, the 95mm wide 404XE has a precision ballscrew drive train and dual square rails for guidance

The 404XE Series of linear positioner is built upon a similar design of the popular 404XR high precision linear positioner. The 404XE is economical positioning solution for applications which do not require the sealing or precision of the 400XR. The 404XE is driven with a high efficiency ballscrew and guided by dual square rail bearings. The 404XE is compatible with the 400XR series actuator, so it can easily be adapted to a complete multi-axis system with these stages. The 404XE has also been designed to take advantage of a number of the same standard enhancements available on the 404XR. The 404XE is ideal for 24/7 operation in a relatively debris-free environment.

The 404XE screw driven, square rail guided, economy linear positioner; high value standard features and accessories:

  • Frame width of 95 mm
  • Strokes up to 700 mm
  • Positional repeatability of /-20 micron
  • Maximum speed of 1500 mm/sec
  • Integrated precision ballscrew drivetrain and square rail guidance system
  • Maximum payload of 1200 N
  • Maximum thrust of 685 N
  • Pre-configured options inline and parallel motor mount options
  • Optional hardcover for protections of the drivetrain and guidance system from large debris
  • Standard multi-axis systems
  • Clean room capable
  • Convenient mounting options of tapped or through hole mounting, along with integrated T-slots for toe clamp mounting.
  • Miniature, non-contact home or limit sensors which can be positioned along full length of travel
  • Shaft mounted brake or rotary encoder


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Parker - 404XE Economy Series