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Parker - Radiation Positioning Table

RAD Hardened Daedal Positioners

Driven by industry demands, Parker has developed proven positioner modifications for operation in environments where exposure to Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Neutron, or X-Ray radiation exists.

Materials, of all types, located in radiation environments are vulnerable to material degradation. Positioning equipment, in such environments, can experience adverse physical eff ects translating into reduced product life.

Radiation can be measured in terms of absorbed dose. Absorbed dose isthe amount of energy that ionizing radiation imparts to a given mass of matter. The most commonly used unit for absorbed dose is the RAD (Radiation Absorbed Dose). REM (Roentgen Equivalent Man) and R (Roentgen) are also used.

Parker's primary design objective, in radioactive environments, is to employ material modifications and lubrication methods that reduce the physical effects of radiation damage and help promote increased product life.

Industries that have used Parker RAD Hardened Positioners

  • Medical Diagnostics
  • Electric Power Generation
  • Medical Imaging
  • Space Exploration
  • Naval Nuclear
  • Medical Treatment
  • Research
  • Alternate Energy


 Radiation Environments 

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Parker - Radiation Positioning Tables