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Parker - 406XR Series - Square Rail Guided Linear Positioner

The 406XR high precision ballscrew driven positioning tables are 150mm wide and offer stroke lengths to 2000mm, a load capacity of 6178N and a dual square rail guide system. Suitable for a variety of applications from life sciences to general industrial

The 400XR Series of precision linear mechanics is recognized globally for its consistent performance, high quality, high strength- yet sleek design, and unparalleled versatility. The 406XR series uses high efficiency, precision ballscrews as its drivetrain, and is guided by square rails for its bearing support. These square rails provide the stage with high load carrying characteristics relative to its size. These features are all built atop an extruded aluminum base, which is precision machined to ensure excellent straightness and flatness. The 400XR is available in 5 different stroke scalable frame sizes to carry a wide variety of payloads, or to build multi-axis systems configurations upon. The 400 XR has also been designed to accommodate a number of standard enhancements ranging from an integrated shaft brake, mounted high resolution linear encoder, clean room preparation to standard multi-axis brackets.
As a result the 400XR has been applied in a number of high tech applications ranging from the life sciences, electronics manufacturing, and optics. Given the 400XR's robust construction and sealed design it has also been applied to industrial automation applications in packaging, machine tool, and automotive.

406XR, ballscrew driven, square rail guided, high precision linear positioner; high value standard features and accessories:

  • Frame width of 150 mm
  • Fourteen standard strokes available from 100 to 2000 mm
  • Positional repeatability of /- 1.3 micron
  • Maximum velocity of 1500 mm/sec
  • Integrated high precision ballscrew drivetrain and square rail guidance system
  • Maximum payload of 6183 N
  • Maximum thrust of 1960 N
  • Pre-configured options inline and parallel motor mount options
  • IP30 rating
  • Integrated purge port
  • Standard multi-axis systems
  • Convenient mounting options of tapped or through hole mounting, along with integrated T-slots for toe clamp mounting
  • High precision, non-contact home or limit sensors that can be positioned along full length of travel
  • Laser test data with slope correction values with each precision grade stage



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Parker - 406XR Series